9 Online Casino Games That Gamblers Love to Play

Blog-9 Online Casino Games That Gamblers Love to Play

You search the Internet for an online casino and get a million results. When you check one of these casinos, you find out that it offers more than a thousand titles. You can categorize these titles into nine categories of online casino games. Discover these categories below.

Online Casino Games


Video slots account for 80% of casino games online. You don’t need complicated counting of cards or winning combinations such as royal flush to succeed in this game.

Another excellent feature is the graphics. Moreover, game developers can use specific themes to create an exciting game of slots.

Video Poker

This game is a game of skill and chance. Gamblers love it because you can use some strategies to win, unlike slots.

You have to learn the different winning hands. Moreover, you must have excellent decision making. You should know when to fold and raise your bets.


Roulette is one of the classic casino games that reach the online world. It involves a wheel, a ball, and 36 (or 38) numbers.

You can play the American, European or French variations. However, most gamblers favor the European and French variants because of the reduced house edge.


Craps is a game of dice and gamblers will predict the outcome of the dice or a pair. Like slots, this game is a game of luck. The results are random. You don’t need the skill to win. What you need is a cunning ability to predict the results.


This game requires skills, just like the game of poker. In this game, you must get a 21 or close with two or three cards in your hand. You choose either Hit or Stand.

A “hit” option entitles you to another card. The Stand is when you’re confident you have the 21 or close to it. You don’t get an additional card.


Baccarat is a card game where the gambler predicts which of the banker or player wins. Often, gamblers associate it with the wealthy punters.


Some gamblers don’t have the skills and experience with online casino games. Other casino gamblers would want a change of pace from time to time. Thus, casino sites place other games to cater to their needs for entertainment. These games include arcades and lottery games such as keno and scratch cards.

Live Dealer Games

Sometimes, online gamblers want the classic feel of land-based casinos. So, most online casinos try to offer a liver dealer section, which allows you to play poker, roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. The casino broadcast the game in real-time with a live dealer through a webcam or similar set-up.


It’s rare, but you can see bingo games on online casinos. These casinos wanted to cater to a broader range of gamblers.


There are nine categories of online casino games in one site, while others only offer a specific casino game. Some casinos specialize on slots or in live casinos. Either way, you’ll find a variety of online games to play in a casino and will make you entertained for a few hours.

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