Mega moolah goddess


The Mega Moolah Goddess is one of three games in the Mega Moolah casino game series. In keeping with its siblings the Mega Moolah Poker and the Mega Moolah Wheel, this new slot is an all-time favorite due to its guaranteed large payouts. Like all of the other games in this series the Mega Moolah Goddess is a non-spinning slot machine, which means that it won’t wheel unless you manually wheel it. However, there is an additional spin option available for users who would like to experience the revolving effect.

In terms of payout, the Mega Moolah Goddess is tied for the largest rate of return among all of the versions of the slot machines. With a Standard jackpot of $10k, the progressive jackpots increase quickly but then decrease rapidly, based upon how much more is spent after the initial start up period. Thus, the average daily jackpot amount is only slightly higher than the Standard version. The Mega Moolah Goddess also has the most customizable options, as players can choose between different graphics for the icons displaying the winning hands. A unique feature that sets this machine apart from all others is the “Progressive Jackpot Bonus,” which allows users to choose from a variety of possible winning combinations, which are then multiplied by the value of the wins to come up with a grand total of the Mega Millions prize.

In terms of functionality, the Mega Moolah Goddess is easy to understand and play. Although similar to many other versions of the slot machines, this one has some unique features such as the non-spinning reels. Although there is a limit on how many times a particular reel can spin, this is not a significant amount since there is no maximum amount of time that the reel can spin. Instead, when a new game is launched, the reels are spun automatically so that as time goes on, this machine will continue to spin, guaranteeing a win. Like the original version, the Mega Moolah has four unique reels that spin in a random pattern. Although there are differences in appearance and operation between the Mega Moala and its sister machines, both machines share a common concept of being the easiest to play with and the most enjoyable to play.

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